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(Last Update: June 1,2015)
HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer/Average Particle Size Analyzer (FSSS) is an optimal tool for subsieve particle size analysis and has become the best successor of discontinued Fisher Scientific Sub-Sieve Sizer(FSSS) Fisher Model 95. It uses Air Permeability Principle to fast determine the Average Particle Size i.e. Fisher Number of powders. HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer completely meets international standards about fisher sub sieve sizers ASTM B 330 Standard Test Method for Fisher Number of Metal Powders and Related Compounds and ISO 10070 Metallic powders Determination of envelope-specific surface area from the measurements of the permeability to air of a powder bed under steady-state flow conditions. HMK-22 Fisher Scientific Sub Sieve Sizer Model 95 meets the requirement of the industry to find a successor to particle sizing technique or air permeability device. It gives operator the completely same results and agrees completely with all the tested data obtained by a Fisher Scientific Sub-Sieve Sizer Model 95.
HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer is a necessary and satisfying testing method in applications of productions and research fields such as magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, refractory metal, special ceramics, tungsten materials, hard metals, nonferrous metals, nonmetals, chemical industries, building materials, national defense function materials, and many powders etc and has become the most reliable and cost-effective fisher sub sieve sizer for sale. AimSizer is also the major supplier of standardized sub sieve sizer spare parts and accessories.
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HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer Demo Video
Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer
HMK-22 Particle Size Measurement Description
-Take the filled sample tube upright off the sample tube stand
-Put it on the base block assembly
-Turn the sample pressure calibrator until it reach 14
-When the sample pressure calibrator is fixed,move the calculator chart
-There is a sample height curve
-Point the red needle onto the sample height line
-Then we got the porosity of this sample 0.xx such as 0.72
-Remove the sample tube and put it onto test base
-Press tightly and the water level goes up
-When the level becomes stable the level valUe is the particle size of this powder sample.
-If the powder is coarser and the water level goes too high we can use range control II
-When turn to II, the water level comes down
-Read the value
-Mutiply by 2 and get the particle size of this powder.For example, if 6.4,then 6.4 x 2 = 12.8
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-ISO 10070 Metallic powders Determination of envelope-specific surface area from measurements of the permeability to air of a powder bed under steady-state flow conditions
-ASTM B 330 Standard Test Method for Fisher Number of Metal Powders and Related Compounds
-AimSizer is a world leading manufacturer of quality Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer and Average Particle Size Analyzers. We only supply ISO and ASTM certified fisher sub sieve sizers.
-HMK-22 Fisher Sub-Sieve Sizer meets ASTM and ISO International Standards about fisher sub size sizer/average particle size anayzer.
-Hundreds of satisfied world users buy HMK-22 Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer each year . HMK is a brand of HMK Test, and HMK-22 is only supplied by AimSizer or its mother company HMK Test.
(Last Update: June 1, 2015)

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